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Guide to Buy Diamonds Safely Online

When you buy diamonds online , you want to be certain that you get good quality diamond. You would not want a fake diamond , especially if you paid for a real one.

This is why many people want to have their diamonds appraised so they can ascertain that they are getting good quality of diamonds.You need to make sure that you have a jewelry lab certificate and an appraisal for the value of the jewelry. It is important that you get one of each as they are both different documents.

The jewelry lab certificate contains information pertaining to information about that gem stone in its unmounted form. The appraisal, on the other hand, would pertain to detailed information about the market price and value of the piece of jewelry, whether unmounted or in a setting.

To get the jewelry lab certificates and appraisals done, you first need to look for an independent company that would provide you with these kinds of documents. The jewelry stores usually provide these sort of documents but you cannot be sure that they will be unbiased as they are looking to sell their items.

When you get your jewelry lab certificate, make sure that there are details in it about the unmounted gemstone. It should have information on the diamonds or gemstone’s cut and shape. It should have detailed descriptions of the color and clarity. The carat and dimensions of the stone should also be discussed in this document. This document cannot be changed unless the stone is altered physically or there were some incorrect evaluations.

On getting the jewelry appraisal, you will be getting the dollar value of the diamond or the gemstone. Many people often get their jewelry appraised for investment purposes. Some do it for insurance purposes. Many would do this for record purposes especially if they want to pass it down.

Always remember to take the time to do this so you can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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