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Pearls Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

Friday, March 27th, 2009

If you’ve chosen to wear pearls for your wedding jewelry, shopping for them now becomes a task. There are five important factors to consider when shopping for pearls as your wedding jewelry.


These six factors largely contribute to the value of your jewelry. The color of your pearl can be white, pink, cream, or golden. The most expensive pearls of the highest quality tend to be softer in hue and more radiant. One of the highest quality pearls are the Akoya Saltwater pearls.


When we refer to the size of your pearl , we’re generally referring to the size of the jewelry. If for instance, you chose a pearl necklace as your wedding jewelry, the largest pearl usually hangs at the center of your neck. The pearls then become gradually smaller as they approach the clasp of your necklace. Nevertheless, there are different sizes of pearls themselves. Larger pearls make a very dramatic impression on bides, and they’re generally more costly.


A pearl’s luster can reflect a radiant shine and display a deeper reflected light from the inner pear. This outward display of light is referred to as the overtone. Although a lower quality pearl will have a duller sheen, this type of pearl might be perfect if you only intend to wear it once in your life.


Peals of the highest quality are always perfectly round and rarely have any surface imperfections. Lower quality pearls are rarely ever perfectly round, and often show some surface imperfections, including pitting.

Surface Texture

Which brings us to the surface texture of a pearl. The quality of your pearl will be easy to identify by the surface texture. Feel the pearl itself. If it’s smooth without surface abrasions, than it’s most likely of the highest quality. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford high quality pearls-which leaves a skimpy selection. Lower quality pearls tend to appear low-quality, especially if they have flaws to their surface.

Here are several different types of pearls to examine. The four popular types of pearls are as follows:

* Classic Akoya Pearls
* Large Exotic Black Tahitian Pearls
* Large Golden or White South Sea Pearls
* Decorative Freshwater Pearls

If you’re on budget, but you’re dying to have pearls draped around your neck for the special day-select decorative freshwater pearls. They’re very inexpensive and they will make a gorgeous accessory to your wedding gown. As long as someone in your family isn’t a jeweler, nobody will know they’re not high-quality pearls.

On the other hand, if you have you heart set on high quality blemish-free pearls, than shop around! Don’t commit to one person before you explore your options. Choosing a store that offers a certificate with your pearls, and if possible-a warranty.