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Rolfs Opals offers high quality opal jewelry and solid Australian opals, black, white and crystal opals. Specializing in Australian opals, opal jewelry, opal ring, earring and pendant.
Desert Fire Opal  [Reciprocal Link]
Coober Pedy Opal. Cut stones ready to set, rough opal ready to cut .
Opalinda  [Reciprocal Link]
Opals, opal jewels.
Loose Australian opal, Lightning Ridge black opals, opal rough, tourmaline crystals, Lapis Lazuli, gemstones and gem rough.
Huge range of opals and opal jewellery at mine-direct prices. See Australia's national gemstone and the birthstone for May and October. Unique custom jewellery designs and secure online shopping.
Berryd Opals have Rough opal, Gem Quality, Solid opals, Doublets and Triplet opal, Specimen, fossil and Opal Jewelry including opal rings.
Opals, opal rough, cabochons, opal triplets, and more.
Opal, Black Opal jewelry, sculptures and carvings. Export and wholesale. Open cut Opal mining.
An outstanding and unique opal site in Coober Pedy, South Australia, that brings beautiful opals, opal rings, opal jewelry and opal rough direct from the opal miner to you.
Specializing in Quality Opal Rings, Earrings & Inlay Jewelry.
Opal inlay artist creates and sells a diverse range of Australian opal inlay jewelry using Black opal and Crystal opal.
Australian opal sales, history and information. Pictorial quide of opal types.
Opals black, boulder or white opals from many fields all at the best opal fields prices. For the profesional and hobbiest alike all at rock bottom prices.
Opal provides gemstone quality solid, rough, fossil and Australian opal jewelry online at prices only an Opal-Trader could deliver.
Buy loose opals & opal jewellery online - Black Opals, Boulder Opals, White Opals & Crystal Opals. Free global delivery & certificates of authenticity with each sale.